Friday, July 7, 2017

Timber nook

When we arrived I was so excited.      I wanted to explore, I wanted to go now!

After they explained the Rules  we got to create a name for your class, it was Respectful Rata Roar!

I loved it, it was the best name ever! then we got to go and explore.
Me, Mikayla A, Mikayla K, Dion, Stephanie and Stephanie sister,
were all happy with the hut this is a picture of the  hut

it is amazing is it not? Eventually it got wrecked by Kirsty we Tried to make a new one  but it did not work  then we had to go to school again I did not want to go back to school.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fireworks Poem

I put  a lot of work on the post so I hope you like it you can make one to if you want.
if you want to read gras  look down blow.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Run like the wind!

One peaceful morning, in the forest. A little  kitten woke up. Gray and mischievous ready to fight a snake but of course that wasn't on her mind. Instead she jumped on her bird and flew off!

4 hours later, the gray cat family realised that Ming the gray kitten was gone.“Where in the forest is  Ming,?"   

Ming was far away from home, and she had no clue where to go. “how much further?” wind Ming to the bird.“ I have no clue I actually think we are going in the wrong direction.”   

In the meantime an evil wolf has spotted that they were heading straight to his den. When they arrived at his den he said “get up there is a meal heading this way and we've got to catch it.”  Another wolf sprang up “I am up” said the wolf. Then the rest of the pack got up.

1 hour later the bird Windy took rest on a branch. Ming climbed off and jumped on a higher branch and lay down. They didn't realise that the wolf was following them. “He he he” we got them now. Then another said how can we get the kitten? “ I know how” first we eat the bird stuff the skin and then when the kitten wakes up she will wonder where the bird is. We will shake the tail feather. The kitten will pounce onto the tail and there is it delicious kitten to eat.

A few minutes later when they yanked the bird of the branch, A galloping sound hit the ground. The kitten woke in a fright! A white horse leaped out of nowhere. The wolf flew through the air. The white horse grabbed the bird. Ming yelled, what happened? The white horse turned around. "Were you the one to yell out help?"
“Yes” said Ming.
"Come on jump on my back."
Ming jumped on the horse's back. "So where are you from?"
"The lling glen."
"Ok, I will take you there."
When they got there then Ming's mum said "where did you find them?"
"In the middle of being almost eaten"... "Oh Ming are you ok?"
"yes" mum said ming.
"Thank you" said Ming's mum.
It is ok and bye said the horse and ran off!
The End  
(the slide is coming soon.)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

How Airplanes Fly

 Making the post was fan my good friend MIkayla k Rot most of the wors
but I helpt to!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Hello I am Elijescha, you see that, it is my board game!
I worked so hard, if you are wondering what is it called? It is called "help Teddy get to the tiger," if you think it is a bad name, please can you comment  and  say what I should name it. 
It is made after the book Tabby the wild cat(my favorite book.)
On my board game I added islands and every island has a type of cat on it like one island has a cheetah and another has a lion it makes the game more interesting. 

So do you like my board game, please comment and say if you like my board game. 
bye bye bye!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cat’s whiskers

Cat’s whiskers

“Hello” “I am Elijescha and I am going to tell you the stath about cat’s whiskers I am in that group.”  “Well we can start at the start.” “Cat have whiskers on their face, but osel on their poles and ears!”  “It is amazing is it not.”  “The whisker on  the cat’s legs helps her or him to catch the pra, like rats  rabbits and if the cat is bigger they can catch der people and other large animals.”
“The ear whiskers helps them to keep bad stath out of their ear.”
“And last of all, the false whiskers help the cat to send the stath around him or her,
The dit of wind cang drachens not to hit stat and them the cat sense the change and nose there is something in front of him or her!” “I am glad I
could share this information to you!”
“Bye  bye bye!”

Friday, May 19, 2017

Playing Netball!

    When we arrive at netball I was so excited,  I could burst!  Our team was going to vs another team, it seems like they are going to win, I told myself.  "No" I said to myself, we will win!

     I was in first half, in netball.  I had to guard  a person called Mikayla.  She was taller then me, but I got the ball sometimes. when we finished the game,we gave the other team high fives.  It was the best game ever!😃